Internet radios acting through a system EMITER, that run in the PIONIER network, are getting more and more popular. Currently, it transmits a signal of more than 50 radio stations, focusing an average of 22,000 recipients at the same time.
EMITER is a system for distributing audio live broadcast on the Ogg Vorbis technology. Ogg Vorbis is a license-free audio compression format offering better parametres than MP3. The system also allows broadcasting of audio-video materials using for this purpose license-free compression format OggTheora.

Nodes of the system are located in nine Metropolitan Area Networks, creating a cluster of servers, enabling the transfer of streams closer to the end user. The system provides the use of an average of 22,000 members. The maximum value of transfers exceeded 24,000, which resulted in over 2.5 Gb/s continuous motion.

What is worth emphasizing, until now, we have observed that the signal has been simultaneously sent to 68 countries around the world, from Europe to North America (including Hawaii and Alaska) and South, to the farthest corners of Asia.
Agnieszka Wylegała

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