„The problem of assuring homeland security as a challenge for Polish UE Presidency in 2011” was the main issue of this year's Polish Platform for Homeland Security Conference, traditionally hosted in the conference centre of PAS Institute of Mathematics in Będlewo near Poznań. The event was also attended by representatives of the PSNC.
This year, homeland security in Poland became the main subject of conference, and referred to the incoming Polish Presidency of European Union, which will start in July 2011.

One of the most important panels – “e-Infrastructure of Science and Future Internet Technologies. The problems of research commercialization – chances and obstacles of public-private partnership” was led by the Technical Director of PNSC, Ph. D. Maciej Stroiński. During the panel, Marcin Jerzak from PSNC Security Team gave a speech entitled “Best Practices of supporting homeland security by research and scientific centers”. The prepared presentation was devoted to the most recent EU strategy for homeland security and how the previous, current and future activities of PSNC, with a special emphasis on cyber security, address particular aims and activities of the strategy.

During the official meeting, the results of research on the automatic recognition of polish speech and its transformation to text, were presented by the team of Prof. Grażyna Demenko. Ph. D. Maciej Stroiński told the participants about applying e-infrastructure of science in supporting social missions, especially those related with different facets of security.

The other lectures were given by the representatives of Poznań University of Technology, Academy of Mining and Metalurgy in Kraków, Gdańsk University of Technology, University of Białystok, the representatives of Ministries, the Police, the EC experts and many other institutions.

Polish Platform for Homeland Security (Polska Platforma Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego – PPBW) was founded in order to develop integrated IT tools, supporting the institutions that deal with problems of public security. Additionally it promotes tighter cooperation between science and R&D areas, as well as stimulates education and the transfer of knowledge on IT security.

Within the confines of PPBW, Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center realized a R&D project entitled “Knowledge and information management in high security level services” earlier this year. The project covered, among others, development of tools like MetaIDS – a distributed intrusion detection system, Grid for Public Security – the platform for integrating services and their environment, and Intelligent Cybercrime Information Collector and Integrator (ICICLE).

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Gerard Frankowski