The long-awaited spring has come! Its start has been announced by the arrival of storks to Chyby (near Poznań). The nest with red-legged newcomers can be observed by the means of PSNCs web transmission.
Just yesterday, reporters of “Wiadomości” showed with regret an empty nest. But today, a “stork marriage” appeared in the spring-summer apartment. We can observe ,thanks to the camera set on the chimney of the building, their daily concerns, joys and above all their preparations to the crop of their progeny.

For the eighth time, since March 19th 2004, an on-line stork transmission is conducted on This site is a place where lovers of these beautiful birds meet. Here you can enjoy not only the video transmission "live", but also  exchange thoughts on the interactive chat and comment on events on the forum.

Streaming is implemented by the PSNCs’ project emitter. Transmission is carried via security camera with infrared lamp with a capacity of 252 kbps in the technology of Ogg Theora/Vorbis open codecs.

We wish amateurs of stork’s voyeuristic many impressions, and we wish storks healthy offspring.
Agnieszka Wylegała

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