Despite the name, television is not all about vision. Often underestimated part of transmission, but highly important for appreciation of the content quality, is sound. In some TV formats it is absolutely essential. Does immersive video require special sound? One may argue about definitions, but in some way playing a sound is always an immersive experience. The question is only about intensity.

Sound fills your room and surrounds you, bouncing from the walls it gets to your ears from many directions. It brings “there” to your home and the strength of the feeling depends on how well we can recreate original acoustic field. Watching a football match muted makes it somewhere far, behind a thick glass. Adding sounds of a stadium makes an impression it’s just outside your window. The simplest stereo gives you basic sensation of the sound sources position. With binaural recording (stereo taking into account psychoacoustics) and headphones this feeling becomes really irresistible.


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Szymon Malewski (Department of New Media)


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