The first edition of the Internet-Infrastructures-Innovations Conference in Poznan was both well organized and well attended.
An over 200 people strong audience listened to lectures and presentations during the three days of i3 Conference. Subject areas and session issues were built for participants to face the Internet as a global medium with all of its advantages and threats, to present the architecture and technology of global computer networks, and to show innovative solutions that scientists and engineers create in the shelters of their labs, solutions used everyday not only by large concerns and IT companies, but also by network users.

Participants underline the abundance of technically attractive presentations, stressing their interdisciplinary nature. It seems to have been the first conference in Poland to approach the Internet in such broad terms.

I3 Conference is intended to take place in another MAN seat city every year. Next year’s host is the Wroclaw Center for Networking and Supercomputing. Therefore, we are pleased to invite our guests, as well as all interested professionals and non-professionals, to the next edition of i3 Conference.

See you in October 2010 in Wroclaw !
Barbara Kierończyk-Muczek