The LION Foundation videoconference

On 27 of May the LION Foundation is organizing the fifth world videoconference with otolaryngology and neurological surgeries. The essence of the project is an interactive simultaneous live transmission from the operating tables of various parts of the world. Interactive, because the payee will be able to question doctors by moderators.

This year the event will be attended by the Department of Otolaryngology of Poznań University of Medical Sciences, represented by the unit manager – prof. Witold Szyfter. Professor Szyfter will perform cochlear implant surgery and stapedotomy surgery, which allows the treatment of otosclerosis, in front of audiences in countries all over the world. In all, on just one day, using video conferencing, thirteen doctors from countries such as France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, USA, United Arab Emirates and Brazil will carry more than twenty operations.

Technical assistance in part of the project held in Poznań will be provided by Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center, which provides audio, HD video conferencing equipment and dedicated broadband link to the PIONIER optical network. Because of the crucial importance of image quality during the medical operation, the video signal will be broadcast in High Definition quality (HD). There will be two channels of video conferencing available for the participants.

The transmission of the video conference will be available at the Lion Foundation website at:

Visit the archives of other projects conducted by Department of Otolaryngology of PUMS involving PSNC at:

The LION Foundation videoconference
the LION Foundation
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