PSNC presents the high-end technologies.
The second day of the conference ran under the slogan "the right to protection of identity”  in the digital world, management of personal and social information, including in the context of preserving heritage and culture. In addition to the Grid technology, advanced network architectures, services and data federation, also the digital content solutions were discussed, including the results of research on television with a resolution of 4K, conducted by the institution from Poznań.

Afternoon session, centered around the use of the media network, was an opportunity to present Polish achievements in the field of application for the visualization of high-quality (high-end visual applications). In this block two presentations were made by PSNC representatives: Dr. Krzysztof Kurowski presented "The challenges of new multimedia and network applications", while Maciej Głowiak introduced "New generation media in science and entertainment".

Both sessions were broadcast live by the TERENA service ( They will also be available as an archive after the session.

Damian Niemir

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