Research for Industry 2010
At the Research for Industry Fair scientists from the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center presented the latest innovations in technology, developed in the center. Professionals from the Applications Department of PSNC developed an application which enables viewing and editing photos by performing gestures in front of a camera.
Calculations used to detect movement and markers are made on the graphics card NVIDIA in CUDA environment, which allows efficient and fast image processing, and thus a rapid response, almost with no retardation  to user requests. The application allows you to edit high-quality images in real time. Importantly, the final version of the application will be available to everyone. - We would like the  application to be available on the principles of open source software, but this can only occur in about six months. This version is far too complicated for the average user. We keep refining  it all the time - said Marek Błażewicz from the Applications Department of PSNC.

Open source software has become an important focus of Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center goals. It arises under the Open Source Competency Centre, associated with the European project QualiPSo (Quality Platform for Open Source Software). The centre is to encourage public and private sectors to benefit from free and open source software (open source) and simultaneously help its developers to create the most innovative, reliable and secure programs. QualiPSo Competence Centre is also open to comments for users .- Open source software is not just that the programs are available to a wide range of users for free. It is also possible to access the software source code, so everyone can improve such a publicly available program. If you can, of course. But the rule is that you must share the effects of your work with us - explained Bartek Lewandowski, the project coordinator.

During  the Research for Industry Fair, PSNC also delivered information on participation in the Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development of the European Union at the Industry Contact Point. 
KIWI platform.
Non-contact interface for viewing images.
PSNC at Research for Industry Fair.
The Crystal Brussels Prize.
Non-contact interface for viewing images.
PSNC at Research for Industry Fair.
Kinga Jurga

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