System for electronic support of independent living of persons with intellectual disabilities

Information and communication technologies (ICT) which are the key element of the evolving digital society, increase chances of social integration and improvement of quality of life of people experiencing difficulties with independent functioning, especially people with intellectual disabilities.


The aim of the SelFind project is to develop on the basis of advanced ICT and innovative therapeutic methods a procedure for supporting independent living of persons with mild and moderate intellectual disabilities and increasing their psycho-physical potential enabling them to participate in social life.


The used tools will allow to compensate deficits of the disabled persons allowing them to meet their individual needs and give permanent support in the areas of daily activity. The designed solution will be immersed in the Polish system for the support of disabled persons, allowing for its replication within entities engaged in supporting persons with intellectual disabilities.

Scheduled start date: 2015-02-01
Status: current

Michał Kosiedowski
ul. Jana Pawła II 10
61-139 Poznań
+48 61 858 21 61