Energy-efficient Scalable Algorithms for Weather Prediction at Exascale

The main objective of the ESCAPE project is to develop the next generation platform for numerical weather prediction. The ESCAPE aims at developing a holistic understating of energy-efficiency for extreme-scale applications using heterogeneous architectures, accelerators and special compute units. The three key reasons why this project will provide the necessary means to take a huge step forward in weather and climate modelling as well as interdisciplinary research on energy-efficient high-performance computing are:

  • Defining and encapsulating the fundamental algorithmic building blocks ('Weather & Climate Dwarfs') underlying weather and climate services. This is the prerequisite for any subsequent co-design, optimization, and adaptation efforts,
  • Combining ground-breaking frontier research on algorithm development for use in extreme-scale, high-performance computing applications, minimizing time- and cost-to-solution,
  • Synthesizing the complementary skills of all project partners: leading European regional forecasting consortia, excellent university research and experienced high-performance computing centres, two world-leading hardware companies, and one European start-up SME, providing entirely new knowledge and technology to the field.          

In the ESCAPE project PSNC is responsible for providing performance models of the weather and climate dwarfs, and performance simulator to predict extreme-scale applications efficiency and energy consumption.

Scheduled start date: 2015-10-01
Scheduled finish date: 2018-09-30
Status: current

Michal Kulczewski
ul. Jana Pawła II 10
61-131 Poznań
+48 58 533 45 45

The latest HPC achievements as well as the results of r&d works in international projects, including two demonstrations: WebRTC and M2DC - low power server system are presented at the joint PSNC and PIONIER Consortium booth at this year's Supercomputing Conference. Take a look at the photo report from this event.


For the 12th time, PSNC is presenting its achievements at the world's largest conference focused on HPC. During this year's SC edition (12-17 November 2017) we are presenting among other topics: the demo of WebRTC 4K video conferencing system and the demo of M2DC low-power server system.


The Supercomputing Conference and its accompanying exhibition (12-17 November 2017) is the world's most important and largest event in the high-performance computing industry. This year's edition, held in Denver (Colorado), focuses on the theme of "HPC connects". Traditionally, PSNC is also present among the centres presenting its achievements.

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