Digital culture and all the opportunities granted to users by new media are leading to reflection on the role and future activities of memory institutions in this extremely interesting times. This cultural transformation were the main topic of  “Transforming Culture in the digital age” conference which was held on 14th – 16th of April in Estonian city Tartu.
On 14-15 of April 2010 in Kiev, Ukraine the IV conference “Library and Book in the Context of Time” was held. The conference scope joins scientific topics with the information useful for practitioners. The main organizer of this conference is the National Parliament Library of Ukraine. In this year the main topic of the conference was “Libraries activities on the preservation of national cultural heritage”.
The conference of the Ministry of Interior and Administration
Internet in Poland is the development of democracy - claims the Department for Information Technology Development
of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration. This is due to the fact that Poles are increasingly using the network to express their views and to organize themselves. In fact, this year many long expected projects are going to be launched in order to increase the infrastructure development of information society.