Year 2009 appeared to be the record year in terms of the number of newly started digital libraries. Yesterday on dLibra project home page, 16th entry concerning 2009 has been added to the list of dLibra installations. It means that in 2009 there were started 4 more digital libraries than in 2008 (see http://dlibra.psnc.pl/biblioteki/). Moreover, from the information that we receive it appears that 2009 is not finally “closed” – there is still a chance to increase the number of newly started digital libraries in 2009 by several entries.
On the 16th of February 2010 in the ROARMAP registry a policy of the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics PAS regarding the compulsory archiving of all published manuscripts in the IBB PAS institutional repository was registered. It is a 145th entry in this database and the first entry from Poland. Congratulations!
DART Europe
This week the PIONIER Network Digital Libraries Federation (PIONIER DLF) has submitted to the DART-Europe data about another Polish e-theses and dissertations (ETDs) – the number increased by more than 700 publications, reaching a total value of 1 102. This is the credit of 5 new digital libraries that have decided to pass on information about their ETDs .