xGridge Toolkit is an open source software initiative aimed to help users to deploy ready-to-use grid middleware services and create productive Grid infrastructures. All Gridge Toolkit software components have been integrated together and form a consistent distributed system following the same interface specification rules, license, quality assurance, and testing. Hence, Gridge is the Grid-In-The-Box solution that can be easily deployed on your infrastructure.

Gridge Toolkit components have been successfully tested with different versions of Globus Toolkit TM as well as other core Grid middleware solutions. The Gridge Toolkit software is available for free with some limited support.

Gridge tools and services enable applications to take advantage of dynamically changing grid environment. These tools can deliver dynamic or utility computing to application users, developers, and resource owners. Through supporting the shared, pooled, and dynamically allocated resources and services managed by automated, policy-based Grid Resource Management System (GRMS),  the Gridge offers the state-of-the-art dynamic grid features to applications. The Gridge technology can be used by various kinds of businesses, including vendors, but also financial companies, service organizations, etc.

The Gridge Toolkit consists of the following tools and services:
  • Grid Authorization Service
  • Grid Data Management System
  • Grid Mobile Services
  • Toth Logging System
  • Grid Monitoring System
  • Grid Portals
  • Grid Resource Management System.
Status: current

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