4K Video

The capabilities of the 4K node in Poznań, together with the process of its creation, were presented during the meeting of the CineGrid organization, whose members include the Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center.
Its architecture was introduced in detail and demonstrations were carried out.
Digital cinema attracts attendees.

The stand of Consortium PIONIER and Poznań Supercomputing and Networking Center enjoyed great interest of conference attendees this year.  Network users could see there the results of Polish videoconference infrastructure in the PIONIER network, as well as remote, network, high-resolution video transmission - 4K, four times greater than modern, universal HD.

PSNC presents the high-end technologies.
The second day of the conference ran under the slogan "the right to protection of identity”  in the digital world, management of personal and social information, including in the context of preserving heritage and culture. In addition to the Grid technology, advanced network architectures, services and data federation, also the digital content solutions were discussed, including the results of research on television with a resolution of 4K, conducted by the institution from Poznań.